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Electrician and Electrical Contractor Cambridge Peterborough

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Electrician and Electrical Contractor Cambridge Peterborough

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Electrician and Electrical Contractor Cambridge Peterborough

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Electrical Testing in Cambridge and Peterborough


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 electricians in Peterborough, Cambridgshire niceic approved

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Livewire Electrical works with domestic homes and commercial businesses in the Cambridgeshire area ensuring that their electrical connections, services and equipment comply with statutory safety regulations.

We inspect electrical equipment such as fuse boards, earthing arrangements, wiring, fixtures and fittings (i.e. lights, sockets, switches) to ensure they comply with wiring regulations. We also check installation methods, loose connections and other install related aspects of domestic and commercial electrics.


Electrical Testing and Inspection

We cover the testing and inspection of the fixed wiring of a property including:

  • the consumer unit
  • earth bonding to gas and water pipes
  • damage to switches, sockets and cables
  • instrument test of the circuits

Additional tests carried out:

  • Continuity of earth conductors
  • Continuity of ring final conductor
  • Polarity
  • Installation resistance
  • Earth loop impedance
  • RCD test to check tripping times and mA setting

This test involves testing circuits at the consumer unit and includes a visual inspection as well as an instrumental test.

Visual Inspection Report (VIR)

This is a basic check which helps to identify visible damage, defects or wear. As this is only a visual inspection, no testing of circuits will occur, thus your electricity will remain on. The electrician on the job will need access to all rooms switches, sockets, outlets etc. This inspection takes an average of 1 hour depending on the property size. Afterwards the homeowner will be given the VIR.

The electrical contractor will be looking at:

  • The main fuse board
  • Sockets
  • Plugs
  • Light switches and fittings
  • Electric cables and cords
  • Extension leads
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Kitchen and bathroom safety
  • Signs of wear and tear and burning/scorching
  • RCD protection around the home

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 Electric Installation Condition Report (EICR)

An EICR is similar to the Visual Inspection Report, but is more in depth and additionally recommends solutions which would address any discovered safety issues. Also the main electric supply will need turning off in order to perform a variety of circuit testing which will allow electricians to check for possible wiring defects or issues.

The EICR is meant to ascertain whether or not an electrical installation is still in a satisfactory state for continued use. Often, property landlords, new homeowners or potential home buyers request an EICR.

Generally, it is recommended that an EICR is completed every 5-10 (5 for rental properties and 10 for a private dwelling) years depending on the type of property or when there is a change in occupancy in a property. The EICR typically requires between 3-4 hours depending on the number of circuits and property size.